03.12.11 - A dozen brand new boards in stock. Several sizes in each model to fit a wider range of skateboarders is new for this production. Check out the newest Ellingsen BRO MODEL, Mentzoni BRO MODEL and Tonnesen BRO MODEL.

The last all-new models open a new page of SHIT.
Here is a brief presentation of the individual folded...

From Left: Tonnesen, Ellingsen and Mentzoni.

Artwork is done by Nikolay Torgersen which is a good friend of Tonnesen, and who knows both Tonnesen's taste and skate style. The board is designed in collaboration with Tonnesen´s own wishes and may the board he is most pleased with so far!
It is available in a wide range of sizes, from KIDS 7.3 that we recommend to people under 140cm and up to the "floating pier" of 8.5!!!
8.5 is Tonnesen´s favorite and desire, and it is our largest board manufactured in the story (... so far!). We are excited about the feedback.

This board was a bestseller a few years ago when we first introduced ELlingsen as SHIT BRO TEAM SKATER. It has been a great demand for this particular board because of the graphics, but also in a larger version. (The first model was 7.8). So we have now updated the graphics with a graduated background to provide a separate and new look on the board, and we also run the sizing 7.6, 7.8 and 8. Ellingsen prefer the 8.

Mentzoni's own author title on this board are: "I LOVE PUSSY"!
Mentzoni has been with SHIT since the humble beginning and this is his 13th SHIT BRO MODEL. So here Mentzoni is given free rein and he has never been so pleased with his own board.
Looking closely, it is a 13 number on the forehead of one of the kittens. And Mentzoni's "MM" signature with an upside down cruciform, you can find.
BEATBOARD skate store that is a good friend of SHIT and former investor in SHIT is also the celebration of Mentzoni's 13th SHIT BRO MODEL. Mentzoni operates BEATBOARD and is to be found there when he´s not lurking around, is at the local cafe MM, or is skateboarding!
Artwork by our good friend Remi Julieboe.

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