T-shirt - SURF RAT


Multiple Norwegian Surf Champion and SHIT Team Surfer Jan Erik Jensen aka BLUE is finally priding a SHIT T-shirt.

This is a great shot by Tim Nunn, at the time working for Low Pressure Stormrider Guides during a trip to the southern atolls in the Maldives back in 2004, while BLUE still had a hippy hairstyle!

If you are not familiar with
the bible of surftrips, please take a closer look at our friends at Low Pressure Stormrider Guides online and see what it is all about.

Jan Erik Jensen
has been surfing all over the world and started surfing the frigid Atlantic before the time of hip-hop and boy bands, internet and mobile phones, with only a handfull of dedicated locals. The crew already on it by then were Roar Berge, Magne Varhaug, Tore Skjaeveland, John Stoudt, Gunnar Neset, Zano Beck and last but least SHIT's own surf team stylist Richard Bentley.
We are proud to have BLUE on the team, and this SHIT Tee is dedicated to ALL the pioneers of the Norwegian surf scene.


-100% cotton



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€ 43,00
$ 69,00